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The NSWAPA represents the interests of NSW pistol shooters statewide and nationally through Pistol Australia (PA), Australia's peak pistol shooting body, with Shooting Australia

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IPSC Australia Inc is the body recognised by the Australian Government for the management and regulation of the sport of Practical Shooting in Australia. Practical shooting is an International competition that is shot on all continents, with local, state, national, regional and international championships happening on a regular basis. It is controlled on an International basis by IPSC, with national and regional committees organising membership and competitions.

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The International Shooting Sport Federation, also known with the acronym ISSF, is the governing body of the Olympic Shooting events in Pistol disciplines, and of several non-Olympic Shooting sport events. ISSF’s activities include regulation of the sport, Olympic qualifications and organization of international competitions such as the ISSF World Cup Series, the ISSF World Cup Finals and the ISSF World Championship in all events.

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